Dave Rosenberg holds great affection for his community, and that trait is the impetus behind his desire to work for Bellevue in the role of Metro Councilman, to which he was elected in fall 2015. Dave and his wife, Allison, live off Newsom Station Road, with their two sons, who attend Gower Elementary School. A longtime Bellevue resident, Dave developed a strong work ethic at a young age, mowing lawns and working as a camp counselor at a local day camp long before he was old enough to drive. He was employed through his years of public school, sometimes holding two jobs simultaneously and working 30 hours a week in high school while still earning admission to the National Honor Society. A graduate of the University of Georgia’s business school, Dave has followed through on his commitments to his constituents, working closely with residents, other elected officials, and community leaders to chart a positive path for the greater Bellevue area. he can be reached at dave.rosenberg@nashville.gov.

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