Zillow is forecasting Nashville, Tennessee to be the eighth-hottest housing market in 2019. The company examined rent prices, income growth, population growth, unemployment rates and job openings per person to determine the rankings. Amazon’s decision to bring headquarters to Nashville also played a positive factor in the ranking.

Nashville was ranked 4th in income growth with a 6.5% rate, 3rd in population growth with 2.1%. Music City is also forecast to see a 6.8% change in home values and 1.1% change in rent costs. If you need a few more reasons to move to Nashville, here ‘ya go:

  • Unemployment rates are low: Nashville’s unemployment rate dropped to a historic low of 2.2 percent in April, the lowest rate of any major metro areas in the U.S.

  • The Music Scene is Legendary, and that goes for ALL music lovers

  • USA TODAY says Nashville has the third best local food scene in the country

  • Nashville remains a city with a reasonably low cost of living

The sheer number of people moving to Nashville speaks to the quality of life here. There’s always something to do after work, and there’s a lot of art and culture to be seen on a weekly basis.

So what should you do if you’re planning to move to Nashville? Call a #RealEstate company that knows the city well. In Bellevue, we have PoplarHillRealty, a local company with offices right here in the Vue. Their motto is Simplicity. Confidence  and Peace of Mind. They support local businesses and are active members of the Bellevue Harpeth Chamber of Commerce and the Bellevue YMCA. There’s plenty of reasons to move to Nashville.

We’re partial to the Bellevue area for many reasons, but the sense of community is number one.


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