Desano Pizza Bakery at One Bellevue Place weekend hours are  11 am to 10 pm. Hiring bartenders and cashiers.  Visit their Facebook page to apply:

Serving the same menu as Midtown, this includes pizzas, calzones, salads, meatballs and desserts. The restaurant prides itself on ‘simple, seasonal food prepared with the freshest ingredients.” What sets them apart is the fact that they import ingredients from from Napoli and Campania Italy, flying them in weekly. In addition, they follow strict guidelines set by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana for their Neapolitan pizza. All of the delicious pizzas are expertly crafted to order, the crusts slightly charred without compromising the fresh toppings.

Desano’s offers additional Italian specialties on the menu including: Calzones, salads, homemade cannolis and more.“We try to create comfort in as many ways as possible,” said owner Scott DeSano. Scott worked on Wall Street for 25 years. Then, instead of retiring, he took a career 180 and decided to open a pizza restaurant. His desire was to make the best pizza in the entire world. “Given that I didn’t have to do other things [after retirement], it had to be the best,” DeSano said. “There’s no other reason to do it.” In order to make his pizza the best, he had to find the best ingredients. Almost everything on a DeSano pizza is imported directly from Italy, down to the flour. Seating is communal style o purpose, creating a sense of community inside the restaurant. While it’s a fun and relaxed place, don’t mistake DeSano Pizza Bakery for a fast-casual restaurant. It takes time and passion to make classic Neapolitan pizza.

From the minute you step into one of Desano’s restaurants and see the grand wood burning ovens, you realize this is more than just another pizza joint – it’s a culinary event.

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