Shenanigoats is the newest fad to hit the Nashville scene, with Goatscaping, Goat Yoga and Goat inspired apparel. Not sure what to do first? Explore their website to see all of the cool things you can do, like goat parties. Yes, that’s right. Who hasn’t wanted to “kick things up a notch” by having goats in tutus attend a kids party? The goat “fad” seemed to begin with goat yoga, but the goal of Shenanigoats is “anything that floats your goat”. It’s combining¬† yoga, the art of mindfulness and relaxation, with nature. What seems unconventional soon becomes good for the soul.

I’ve heard it’s kinda therapeutic to have goats scampering around you, on you, beside you. It’s hard to be depressed with goats snuggling up next to you. Combine what’s good for the body¬† with what’s good for the heart, and you have Shenanigans. It’s joy and laughter and crawling around on all fours – you and the goats.

People say its the best hour of their day. Who’s to argue? It’s fun, it’s a furry accompaniment and provides smiles all around.

Looking for that special gift for the people on your list? Shenanigoats offers clothing, gift certificates and games. Give their website a view!

Shenanigoats Nashville Goat Yoga

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