One of the most frequently asked questions from buyers while shopping for a new home is “Does it have a fence?” There is always the option to install one themselves but most buyers in most markets desire to have fencing built and ready before the purchase. The next logical question is, “Does it add value to my home?”

There is no pre- calculated value to the home, yet here are a few reasons why fencing is important to many homeowners:

  • Privacy. Whether adding a barrier between your home and the environment or just designating your space from your neighbors, privacy fencing is an important consideration for many buyers.
  • Children. Fencing adds a layer of security to playing outside, chasing balls and creating safe space for children.
  • Pets. This is usually the number one reason why buyers want to have a fence on the property before purchasing a new home.
  • Curb appeal. Fencing adds a border to your home, a design element, an eye appealing area setting it apart from other homes.

While there is no pre-calculated value to having a fence, there is no doubt that it adds value. The exact value is different for each buyer, but it gives the chance to dream about entertaining, playing with children, protecting pets and adding a layer of privacy and uniqueness to each property.

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