Designed to Sell is a popular television show on HGTV. Each week, they provide staging tips that can give you a competitive edge when you decide to place your house on the market. Designed to Sell shows how to turn an out dated house into a showpiece by giving sellers a $2,000 budget and a team of experts. They work to transform the house into the hottest property on the block. There are lots of great tips on the show, and it’s always exciting to see the complete transformation.

One of the best pieces of advice the show provides is to get rid of the clutter. Makeover magic is great, and many times added features and clever design tips are needed to update a property. However, the first rule of thumb when preparing your home for sale is to let go of the things you dont need. This doesn’t have to be painful.  In fact, there are plenty of people who have come up with some pretty creative ways to get started. Start with one bag each day, whether it is the bag for Goodwill, the bag of things to throw away or the bag to gift. Just one bag, every day for a week. You will be surprised at how quickly you can reduce the clutter. Another tip is to set out four boxes; one for trash, one to re-locate, one for charity and one to keep. Placing all items from a room into one of four boxes takes careful consideration. It may take longer than expected in certain rooms, yet the feeling of freedom is worth every minute of contemplation.

Its difficult to de-clutter, especially if you take the “all at one time” approach. Start early, take things slowly and keep it fun. Reward yourself each day for getting rid of one bag or one box. How you remove it is up to you. You’ll not only increase the probability of folks seeing the beauty of of your home, you’ll be taking less along to your new destination.

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