I am often asked by sellers, “Shouldn’t I wait until the Spring to list my home?”. My answer is, “Selling your home is a big decision, Just because the weather is cooler, it doesn’t mean bids will be”. There are a few pointers that help cool weather months compete despite weather challenges:

  • Include photos that showcase lush greenery and flowers. Curb appeal still matters to buyers. Make sure your listing photo shows the best in your property, even if it’s not as apparent now. The grass should be mowed and leaves raked. Buyers want to see a home that is well-tended, despite temperature changes.
  • Light up the landscape. Natural light is always an important aspect of the inside appeal, but if the days are getting shorter, place some strategic landscape lighting in the yard, to accentuate trees and walkways. Inside, be sure to turn on as many lights as possible, as its really difficult to sell a home thats dark.
  • Go easy on the seasonal decor in the yard . Too many inflatables and lights distract from the natural beauty of your home, making the lot appear smaller and the space less inviting.

Its not impossible to sell your home during the Fall and Winter. Many people re-locate during this time. Be sure to highlight rooms and features that create a cozy atmosphere, like fireplaces or reading nooks. You want the buyer to walk through and say “this would be a great area for the kid”, or “Ive always wanted a fireplace”.

Lastly, if you’re thinking of listing your home in the Fall and Winter months, list it before Thanksgiving, and after the New Year. Give us a call and let us walk you through the fine points. We will ensure that despite the cooler temperatures, the listing is attracting the heat!

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